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Contactless card payment can now be made without removing the card from the wallet. Cardholders simply hold their wallet over the NFC Machine for instant payment.

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Now, The Card You Issue Will Be at the Top-of–your Branded Wallet.

Unlock the power of brand prominence and ensure your card is the first choice for every transaction. With our strategic approach, your card won't just be in your customers' wallets; it'll be the go-to card at the forefront of every spending decision. Embrace the opportunity to make your brand not just visible, but indispensable.

There Has Never Been A Wallet Like This Before

Contactless Payment Made Instantly

This wallet is equipped with the latest in contactless payment technology. This feature not only provides convenience for the user but also promotes the use of all of your banks contactless cards


The wallet integrates your brand directly into its design. This means that the card is featured in the most prominent payment position ensuring visibility and ease of use. This strategic positioning will lead to increased usage of your card over others, subtly influencing customer behavior.

High Performance
Your Wallet Features Your Brand!

Offer your customers this high - performance, luxury wallet at a special wholesale price - meaning no cost to the bank.

Custom Branding With High-Quality Materials

Wi Fold

Your logo is debossed in Napa leather, which is known for its soft texture and durability. This high-quality material gives a luxurious feel to the wallet, enhancing the perceived value of your brand.

Layered RFID protection not only secures the cards from unauthorized scans, and card clash but also ensures that your brand is associated with security and reliability.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty and Peer Endorsement

By providing such a wallet (perhaps as a part of a premium banking package or loyalty program), the bank can significantly boost customer loyalty. It's a tangible way of showing value and performance to customers.

The stylish and functional nature of the wallet can also lead to peer endorsement, as satisfied customers use and showcase the product in their daily lives.


Improved Banking Experience

Every use of a contactless card from the wallet reinforces a positive banking experience. It aligns the ease and convenience of modern payments with the bank's brand, creating a seamless connection between daily transactions and the banking service.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Offering such a wallet can be a cost-effective marketing strategy. The costs are minimal or absorbed by the customer, it serves as an efficient tool for brand promotion and customer retention.



Convenience of Not Removing the Card

The primary advantage of the advanced tap-to-pay technology in the Wi Fold wallet is that it allows customers to make payments without the need to physically remove their card. This convenience is a significant enhancement over traditional payment methods, especially in fast-paced environments or situations where handling multiple items is impractical.



The process of finding and removing a card, waiting for authorization, and then reinserting it back into the wallet can cumulatively take a considerable amount of time. By allowing customers to simply tap their wallet, over 15 seconds can be saved per transaction. While this might seem small on an individual basis, it adds up significantly over multiple transactions and contributes to a more efficient overall experience.


Reduced Wear and Tear

Constantly removing and reinserting a card can lead to physical wear and tear. By keeping the card in the wallet during transactions, its physical condition is preserved, potentially extending the lifespan of the card. This is not just convenient for the customer but also cost-effective in the long run, as it reduces the frequency of card replacements.


One-Handed Payments

The ability to make payments with just one hand is particularly advantageous in situations where the customer might be holding something in the other hand, such as groceries, mobile phone, or a childs hand. This feature enhances accessibility, making transactions more manageable for everyone, including those with physical limitations that make handling multiple items challenging.

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WIFI Fold Wallet


James Borchart

high quality leather wallet, nice and thin like it should be for men nowadays. Leather is nice and soft too. I have an RFID/NFC reader on my cell phone so I could test the claims that this can be used without removing the card when desired. When the wallet is closed I could not read the card using the app, when the wallet is open I could read the card on the flap but no other cards.


James Votaw

This wallet is excellent. Very slim, high quality, I may need to get biometric cards now. Easy to use tapping feature. Product was exactly how it was advertised. Couldn't be happier with this wallet.


Bradford Smith

Being able to make payments without having to remove my contactless credit card from my wallet is a great idea. It allows me to use my free hand for other tasks such as holding packages or a child’s hand. The wallet is beautifully made and provides easy access to my other cards and cash. There are a lot of wallets for sale on Amazon. The unique feature of not having to remove my credit card from my wallet sold me on the WIFOLD wallet.