Wi Fold™ Leads the Charge

A Letter from our founder Pete Shields

In the heart of the pandemic, I felt like most of us did: wanting to help, wanting to make a change to this wild world of new challenges, but did not know what to do or how to do it…until my inventor brain kicked into gear and thus the Wi Fold™ Wallet was born. 

The Inventor of the Wi Fold™ Wallet

I am a long-time inventor and designer, having developed numerous products in an array of industries—both consumer—and business-related. For the Wi Fold™, I came out of retirement because I felt that due to the Pandemic and the evolution of ‘payment cards’, a “wallet that was designed for the future” was needed. 

The Wi Fold™ is the only RFID wallet that allows contactless payments without the need of removing the card from the wallet. The POS (point of sale) system picks up the card’s signal through leather and currency. There is no need to remove the contactless credit card from your wallet. Simply place the wallet over the POS machine, slightly open it, and your primary card instantly makes the payment. It’s simply one of a kind! 

Function and Practicality Meet Protection

In addition to the benefits of contactless payments, the Wi Fold™ Wallet has layered RFID blocking material, which protects your credit cards from identification or RFID theft. Not having to remove your card from the wallet makes paying; Easier, Faster, and Safer. We were even surprised to learn that women liked not having to remove the card from the wallet because it helps protect their manicured fingernails. 

Biometric Payment Cards - The Future

The Wi Fold wallet not only offers contactless payments without removing the card from the wallet, it is also designed to work with biometric payment cards. All biometric cards have a fingerprint sensor that provides the ultimate in payment protection. The user simply places their finger or thumb on the sensor while holding it over a POS reader, then secure and authorized high-value payments are instantly made.

On the inside of our wallets, where your main payment card goes, there is a diagonal cutout that enables your fingerprint to directly access the biometric sensor. The card then verifies the user’s ID by fingerprint and matches it to the card being used and then verifies the transaction. Biometric payment cards have become popular in Europe and Asia and are now being introduced in the United States.

A Wallet that uses Less Cash and provides Greater Performance

Making contactless and biometric cards more functional and easier to use has been the primary goal of the Wi Fold Wallet. A convenient cash pocket is integral to our minimalist design. And in case you're wondering, these wallets are fashionable, stylish, HighTech, and High-Quality Napa Leather. Our sister product, the  Bio Fold™ Wallet is custom designed and branded for banks who already issue Biometric cards. The Bio Fold ensures that a bank’s card is "Top-of-the-Wallet." I am excited to unfold the future of payments with the Wi Fold™  and Bio Fold™ Wallets.