Contactless Payments

Why contactless payment?

Transform the way you make payments with WI FOLD™—the ultimate solution for germ-free transactions. Say goodbye to filthy cash and contaminated credit cards! With WI FOLD™, you can enjoy a faster, easier, and more hygienic way to pay.

Our unique positioning of our layered RFID-blocking material ensures optimal biosafety, allowing you to make contactless payments from Side B without even removing your card from the wallet. Keep your card safe and secure inside your WI FOLD™ at all times, and never hand it to anyone else. Simply, "tap-n-go"!

WI FOLD™ offers the ultimate protection for easy, fast, and safe contactless payments—all while keeping your information and your credit card germ-free! Upgrade your payment experience today with WI FOLD™.

Swift & Simple

With our new WI Fold wallet, the era of hassle-free payments has arrived. As most consumers strongly prefer debit or credit card transactions, our wallet revolutionizes the payment process with its cutting-edge tap-to-pay technology.

Simply carry the WI Fold in your pocket, and when it's time to pay, slightly open the wallet and tap it against the terminal. That's all there is to it – no need to pull out a card or anything else. This streamlined process isn't just quick; it's remarkably convenient.

The standout feature of the WI Fold wallet lies in its ability to facilitate payments without the need to extract your card physically. Traditional payment methods often involve the time-consuming task of searching for your card, waiting for transaction authorization, and then placing it back in your wallet. The WI Fold eliminates these steps, saving you over 15 seconds per transaction. This time-saving may seem minimal per transaction, but it accumulates substantially over multiple uses, greatly enhancing the efficiency of your daily routines.

Moreover, the WI Fold is a boon when juggling multiple items. Whether you're holding groceries, a mobile phone, or even your child's hand, this wallet allows for one-handed payment. This boosts convenience and ensures that our technology is accessible and easy to use for everyone, streamlining transactions in every scenario.


What is RFID?

RFID stands for "radio frequency identification," which enables scanning devices to read product information from your contactless card. The layered RFID-blocking material in the WI-FOLD wallet provides additional protection and adds extra security to your payment cards, helping to keep them secure from unauthorized scanning or theft.

What are RFID scams?

These sneaky attacks can collect your credit card information without you even realizing it. Thieves can ping your card from a distance, leaving you vulnerable to unauthorized purchases. But don't worry—with WI FOLD's RFID-blocking technology, your cards are protected from these insidious scams.

Why use RFID-blocking material?

RFID-blocking material blocks your card's electromagnetic signal. WI FOLD's layered RFID-blocking material helps protect your cards from unauthorized access by RFID scanners, keeping your personal information safe and secure. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cards are protected.

Is RFID blocking really necessary?

The truth is, while RFID card scanning is almost inexistent, it only takes one thief to steal your information and cause damage to your finances and identity. With the WI FOLD™, you minimize the exposure of your contactless credit card by keeping it in your wallet when you make payments.