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Elevate Your Brand's Performance with Our Innovative Wallet Solution

In the rapidly evolving world of digital payments, standing out from the competition is essential. At Wi Fold™, we offer a unique opportunity for banking institutions to enhance brand visibility, customer experience, and loyalty. The Wi Fold™ Wallet, is customized with your bank's logo, is the perfect blend of style, convenience, security, and performance.

Why Choose Wi Fold?

Watch our short video demonstrating the convenience and speed of making a payment.

Instant Contactless Payments from Your Wallet

Our innovative wallet design enables swift one-handed payments. This feature not only enhances the card payment experience but is also easier and more convenient than making a payment from your smartphone or digital wallet. The slim and minimalist design also has separate pockets for other credit cards and identification as well as cash.

Layered RFID Protection

The Wi Fold™ Wallet includes multiple layers of RFID protection. This feature addresses the increasing concern over card fraud and provides an additional layer of security that your customers will appreciate.

Custom Branding

Your bank’s logo is embossed in the finest quality Napa leather on the front of your wallets. Your logo is printed on the front of the box, providing a sophisticated presentation to your customers.

The Strategic Advantage

In a market where cards constitute the majority of all cashless payments, offering your custom high performance wallet is a strategic move.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Every time your customers use the wallet, your logo is prominently displayed, reinforcing your brand's presence and further distinguishing you from the competition.

Customer Loyalty

Offering a high-quality, branded wallet can enhance customer loyalty. It's a constant reminder of your commitment to their convenience and security.

Competitive Edge

In the face of growing competition from digital wallets and fintechs, offering your branded wallet gives your bank a competitive edge.

Further Information

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At Wi Fold, we're committed to helping banks enhance their brand visibility and customer experience. We look forward to working with you.

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